Processing and Welding Technology of 7 series aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy is the main structural material of high-speed craft. Aluminum alloy could be designed as more reasonable structural, decreasing weight and increasing structural strength. Our company researches the light gate crane and other products independently, which are designed by the 7 series high strength aluminum alloy, therefore, the shipbuilding procedure is faced with a significant transition. The choice of suitable welding method and welding procedure can effectively control aluminum alloy welding deformation and welding joint strength, our company’s engineering law department has also developed such a high-tech tooling as welding argon protection device and welding environment wind direction control box. We have done a number of welding tests on joint design, welding procedure parameters and so on. After generations of efforts, there are rich data and experience accumulated. After the appearance molding and physical and chemical test, the mechanical compliance with the standard is achieved, and compiled accurate 7 series of high strength aluminum alloy PWPS, forming a formal welding test report (WPQR). A specific field welding procedure is developed, formore, that will form the procedure criteria.

  • Advanced welding machine (SAF welding machine)
  • Physical and chemical test data of 7 series aluminum alloy
  • High strength aluminum alloy construction site
Special material welding technology

The company that is equiped with a 171000×18000 special material processing workshop, with the construction of metrology, flaw detection, physical and chemical and other advanced laboratories, has a high-level R & D and design team. In the field of processing and manufacturing, there are lots of welding technician elites, who can process stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, Ti alloy, high-strength steel and Cu-Ni alloy, as well as other special materials.

  • 907A high strength welding procedure
  • Ti alloy welding technology
  • Aluminum alloy welding test
  • Cu-Ni alloy pipe welding technology
  • Construction site of two-phase stainless steel block
Sheet forming technology

The company has made great achievements in the convenience of sheet processing. It has always been in the advanced level of the industry in the convenience of forming processing and welding deformation control, and has made contributions to the national defense industry. A complete set of processing procedure has been formed, such as assembling and welding of laminates, correcting technology of nine-core roller bed, as well as welding anti-deformation technology.

  • Nine core roller bed site correction procedure
  • Application of magnet card code for assembly of sheet metal
Ultra-thin Ni-Cu, aluminum alloy and cooling water jacket high-precision pipe processing technology

The company is possessed of several high-accuracy pipe bending machines, equipped with stainless steel, high-hardness polytetrafluoroethylene molds. There are specialized high-end designs, procedures and the technician troops, and a complete set of pipe bending technology in the terms of processing ultra thin brass, the Ni-Cu and the titanium alloy tube.

  • Ultra-thin stainless steel natural cold bend pipe
  • Ultra-thin aluminum alloy pipe bending technology
Three dimensional ship design

Advanced software TRIBON M3 is used for 3d ship design. After the hull design and overall arrangement, coordination and balance of the whole ship by 3d ship design software TRIBON M3, reasonable division is made according to stages (embedded, preloaded, total section and region), and relevant production drawings are produced to meet requirements of production and construction.

3D model of the bottom floor of a ship's main engine room
Advanced precision installation and debugging technology of long shaft multi-propeller propulsion system

According to technical research, in the first place, the internal field preloading scheme of shaft tube bearing is adopted, and precision control technology is used to ensure the installation accuracy by moving forward the process. Secondly, by the means of shafting lighting and special tooling research and development, the liner is lifted and transported to the berth as a whole. According to epoxy casting or efficient boring plan, the installation accuracy is effectively controlled and the installation cycle of slipway is shortened. Finally, reasonable shafting alignment method and debugging program is adopted to master shafting installation and system debugging technology. Two copies of technical documents: principles and procedures for the installation of part of the tail-tilting longshafting slipway, principles and procedures for the installation of the underwater part of the tail-tilting longshafting; And two patents: “a ship propeller hoisting device _zl201420211186.0”, “a ship boring device shaft positioning device _zl201620382705.9”. One published paper: “research on reasonable alignment process of Marine engineering captain shaft system” (journal of mechanical and electrical equipment, vol. 34, no. 279)

  • Measurement of bearing load jacking
  • 6500HP long shaft system installation
Corrosion protection technology for metal materials

Painting construction capability. Internal field equipment of painting, plant technical parameters and capacity: sandblasting capacity: steel surface treatment grade reaches Sa2.5, roughness is between 30~75um, block typical size is 15M×12M×5M, abnormal block is 15M×12M×11M. Average daily processing capacity of sand blasting: 4000m2(one spray and four coatings), maximum daily processing capacity of paint spraying: 5000m2(one spray and four coatings), annual processing capacity: 1.2 million m2(one spray and four coatings). In the painting field, high-altitude operation vehicle, vacuum sand suction machine and four seasons dehumidifier are equipped to meet the project all-weather painting construction. It meets the requirements of environmental protection, and implement the “air pollutant emissions” (GB16297-1996) standards. With mature anticorrosion technology of metal materials and advanced detection instruments, company has accumulated rich practical experience in phosphating, passivating and galvanizing pickling, especially in the fields of sacrificial anode and electrochemical corrosion technology.

  • Anticorrosive paint of the bow block
  • Anti-corrosion zinc plate