Processing and Welding Technology of 7 series aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy is the main structural material of high-speed craft. Aluminum alloy could be designed as more reasonable structural, decreasing weight and increasing structural strength. Our company researches the light gate crane and other products independently, that are designed by the 7 series high strength aluminum alloy, therefore, the shipbuilding procedure is faced with a significant transition. The chioce of suitable welding method and welding procedure can effectively control aluminium alloy welding deformation and welding joint strength, our company’s engineering law department has also developed such a high-tech tooling as welding argon protection device and welding environment wind direction control box. We have done a number of welding tests on joint design, welding procedure parameters and so on. After generations of efforts, there are rich data and experience accumulated. After the appearance molding and physical and chemical test, the mechanical compliance with the standard is achieved, and compiled accurate 7 series of high strength aluminum alloy PWPS, forming a formal welding test report (WPQR). A specific field welding procedure is developed, formore, that will form the procedure criteria.

  • Advanced welding machine (SAF welding machine)
  • Physical and chemical test data of 7 series aluminum alloy
  • High strength aluminum alloy construction site
Special material welding technology

The company that is equiped with a 171000×18000 special material processing workshop, with the construction of metrology, flaw detection, physical and chemical and other advanced laboratories, has a high-level R & D and design team. In the field of processing and manufacturing, there are lots of welding technician elites, who can process stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, Ti alloy, high-strength steel and Cu-Ni alloy, as well as other special materials.

  • 907A high strength welding procedure
  • Ti alloy welding technology
  • Aluminum alloy welding test
  • Cu-Ni alloy pipe welding technology
  • Construction site of two-phase stainless steel block
Sheet forming technology

The company has made great achievements in the convenience of sheet processing. It has always been in the advanced level of the industry in the convenience of forming processing and welding deformation control, and has made contributions to the national defense industry. A complete set of processing procedure has been formed, such as assembling and welding of laminates, correcting technology of nine-core roller bed, as well as welding anti-deformation technology.

  • Nine core roller bed site correction procedure
  • Application of magnet card code for assembly of sheet metal
Ultra-thin Ni-Cu, aluminum alloy and cooling water jacket high-precision pipe processing technology

The company is possessed of several high-accuracy pipe bending machine, equiped with the stainless steel, the high-hardness polytetrafluoroethylene mold. There are the specialized high-end design, the procedure and the technician troop, and a complete set of pipe bending technology in the terms of processing ultra thin brass, the Ni-Cu and the titanium alloy tube.

  • Ultra-thin stainless steel natural cold bend pipe
  • Ultra-thin aluminum alloy pipe bending technology