With a total investment of 2.2 billion RMB and an annual building capacity of 800,000 DWT, the Shipyard is a first level & first class ship building enterprise. The plant area covers an area of 1,358,300 sqm, with a coastline length of 1,355m and an outfitting quay as long as 740m. There are two large slipways of 80,000 DWT, three gantry crane of 450T SWL and three tower cranes of 32T.

The workshop area is 225,600 sqm. The Shipyard always pays attention to the investment of manufacturing workshop hardware device. The hull manufacturing has an advanced steel and profile pretreatment production line, several CNC plasma cutting machines, three-roll symmetrical hydraulic rolling machine, oil press, 1000T hydraulic machine of mobile rotary pressure head frame, program-controlled frame cold bender. The TUBE and outfitting manufacturing facility is in possession of five-axis CNC cutting machine Intersection, digital control intersecting line cutter and several advanced cutting and pipe bending devices. The coating facilities can simultaneously make completion of 3 spray and 14 painting of block painting.

The Shipyard has veteran and professional technical team. For one thing, company values cultivation and introduction of personnel talents, for another thing, and gives added weight to the investment of software. The Shipyard has international advanced 3D digital design software - TRIBON M3, production management software - ERP, production management information system, drawing document management software, as well as CmodesDM and on and on. The Shipyard has built the advanced welding laboratory, physicochemical laboratory, laboratory of Non Destructive Nesting and CTC.

Solid Waste yard

Overall View of Solid Waste Stockyard

Storage Area of Waste Oil Tanks

Material Storage

Single Girder Crane--LD3t×9M-16.5M

Overall View of Plates and Machine Library

Gearing of Preparation Line of Plates and Profiles

Double Beam Overhead Crane--QD5t×9M-25.5M

Profiles Storage Area--Tidy Heap

Preprocess & Blanking Area

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine WKQ-6500 of Built-up Area

Blanking Zone of Built-up Area

Preparation Line of Plates and Profiles

Plates and Profiles Charging of Ready Area

Semi-portal Crane BMC16t×5.5M-30M of Ready Area

Dedusting System of Ready Area

Discharge System of Buried Material and Paint Mists of Ready Area

Daily Material Cutting Zone of Ready Area

Processing & Assembly Area

Processing & Assembly Workshop

Processing & Assembly Area Overview

Processing & Assembly Area Corner

Three-roll Rolling Machine

Plasma Cutting Machine

GongBu Robot


Plates Zone of Panel Area

Section Bar Pipeline of Panel Area

Blanking Zone of Built-up Area

Assembly Zone of Built-up Area

Sheet Flattening Machine of Steel Area--JXW43S-14X3500

Hatch Fabrication Zone of Steel Area

Steel Structure Fabrication Zone of Steel Area

Equipment 1 of Steel Area

Equipment 2 of Steel Area

H-DM of Section Steel Pipelining of Steel Area

Straightening of Section Steel Pipelining of Steel Area

Section Steel Pipelining Welding of Steel Area

Gantry Buffer of Buffer Area

Buffer Area of Machining Department

Overall View of Machining Department

1000T Hydraulic Machine of Mobile Rotary Pressure Head Frame --THP34Y-1000H of Bending Area

Three-roll Rolling Machine--W11-403200(540T) of Bending Area

Three-core Roller--WD11X-202500 of Bending Area

Outer Plate Buffer Zone of Bending Area

Oil Press of Bending Are--500T

Three-core Roller

Block Making Zone

Blocks Making Workshop

Door of Blocks Making Workshop

Blocks Making and Frame

Blocks Making Site

Blocks Making Site

Production Line of Stainless Steel Blocks Making Workshop

Overall View of Blocks Fabrication Workshop

Steel Blocks Fabrication Workshop

Tube Processing Shop

Production Line of Processing Workshop of Nonferrous Special Pipe

Pipe Accessories Pallet of Stainless Steel Pipe Workshop

Storing Pallet of Stainless Steel Pipe

Storage Area of Processing Workshop (two-phase) of Stainless Steel Pipe

Storage Area of Processing Workshop of Stainless Steel Pipe

Pipe Reshaping and Positioning Platform of Processing Workshop of Stainless Steel Pipe

Pressure Testing Device of Tube Processing Shop

Pipe Assistant Driller

Groove Machine of Metal Piping

Cu-Ni Tube Processing Platform

Bench Groove Machine

Large-diameter Pipe Processing Line of Mild Steel

Small-caliber Pipe Processing Line of Mild Steel

Tube Bender--W27Y-60A

Tube Bender-- W28Y-159

Five-axis CNC Cutting Machine Intersection--CNCXG-600V

Integrated Shop

Integrated Shop

Storage Area of Non-ferrous Materials

Storage Area of Electrical Accessories

Storage Area of Zincing Plate

Storage Area of Galvanized Pipe

Storage Area of Valve Accessories

Storage Area of Pipe Accessory

Storage Area of Non-ferrous Plates

EE Plant

Engineering Equipment Range

Turnover Area of Engineering Equipment

Production ECpaintshop of Engineering Equipment

Machine Shop

Machine Shop Panorama

Machine Shop Corner

Large Stamping Machine

Machine shop in operation

Slotting Machines---B5050A

Large-scale Lathe-- CW31100D-3000

Production Line of Large-scale Lathe


Vertical Machining Center--VMC-850

Vertical Miller --X53K

Vertical Drilling Machine--RFH100

Vertical Drilling Machine-- Z3080

Surface Grinder--M7132-6M

Production Line of Local Train

Lathe Operating Area of Local Train

CNC Lathe--CKNC-6136B

CNC Lathe--CKNC-6150B

CNC Lathe--CKNC-6163

NC Machining of Production Line

Production Line of Boring and Milling Work

Horizontal Boring Machine--T616

Horizontal Boring Machine--T619-1

Production Line of Milling, Shaping and Boring

Wire Cut-DK7790

Hydraulic Shaper--BY60900

Hydraulic Shaper--BYS60100

Production Line of Middle Local Train

Block Coating Plant

Turnaround Channels of Painting Shop

One Side of Shot-Blasting Room

Overall View of Painting Shop(3 blasting rooms and 11 painting rooms)

Neat Painting Shop of Outfitting Pieces

Block Fitting-out Area

Yard of Block-1

Yard of Block-2

Yard of Block Pre-outfitting Area

No.1 Yard of Block Pre-outfitting Area

No.2 Yard of Block Pre-outfitting Area

No.3 Yard of Block Pre-outfitting Area

Outfitting Installation Workshop of Block Pre-outfitting Region

Transportation of Outfitting Bloc--110T Self-propelled Flatcar

Town Hall

Company Gate and Executive Office Building


Slipway Panorama

Slipway 80000T

Shipbuilding Portal Crane-CME 450T99M

No.1 Slipway

No.2 Slipway

Gantry Crane of Shipyard--AMQ4060

Gantry Crane of Shipyard--AMQ4060

Slipway Panorama

Platform Truck--DCY200-15505500(1600-2300)

Supplying Facilities of Oxygen Energy

Shipbuilding Portal Crane--CME150t44M

Shipbuilding Portal Crane--CME450t99M

Shipbuilding Portal Crane--CME120t44M

Shipbuilding Portal Crane--CME150t44M

Shipbuilding Portal Crane--CME4500t44M

General Assembling

No.1 General Assembling Platform

No.2 General Assembling Platform

Shipboard Quay

740m Quay

740m Quay

Mooring Ship

Overall View of 700m Quay

Ship-lading Process of 64000DWT Bulk Carriers

Gantry Crane of Shipyard--AMQ3248

Mechanical Depot

Mechanical Depot Panorama

Mechanical Depot Corner

Mechanical Depot

Storage Area of Pipe Equipment

Storage Area of Equipment Accessories

Storage Area of Machinery Equipment

Welding Training Test Center

Welding Training Test Center

Exhibition Area of Test Center of Welding Training

Welding Post of Training Test Center

Technology Visual Board of Welding Post of Training Test Center

Welding Equipment Package Keepin of Training Test Center