Use the "national ship country to build", shoulder the "national cargo national transport"!

TIME:2018-11-23 11:42AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

At 9:56 am on September 27, 2018, a 64,000-ton bulk carrier was successfully launched at the No. 2 ship platform of Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd.
It is reported that the 64,000-ton bulk carrier built this time is the widest bulk carrier currently known to be built in Anhui Province, with a width of 36 meters. She inherited the smooth and sleek hull line type of the original 65,000-ton bulk carrier, which can perfectly carry a variety of bulk cargo, and the cargo load has a huge leap compared to the original ship type. Moreover, the materials and energy efficiency index used by the ship meet the requirements of green ships and greatly reduce consumption. It is a green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly ship.


Years ago, the State Council issued a new policy on the maritime industry, demanding "strengthening the coordination and coordination of departments to improve the transportation support capacity of key materials such as crude oil, iron ore, liquefied natural gas, coal, and grain." Vigorously promote the "national cargo national transport" policy.
Since the opening of the lake, the time has passed through a hundred years, and the constant is the persistence of the "national cargo". Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. is willing to be the strong backing of the "national cargo national transport", support the "national shipbuilding state" with the quality of a century of military work, and revitalize the national shipbuilding.
The advent of each of the "boutiques" of the barges is a hundred years of military and military convictions to adhere to the "national shipbuilding state."
Promote the modern shipbuilding model with “excellence” and optimize the construction process.
Thanks to the trust, "Bangzhou Manufacturing" must return the care and support of all parties with super-class quality and super-class construction level, and continue to be full of feelings and waves.