Length Overall:45.9m     LBP:40.8 m      Beam Overall:9.4 m     

Height Overall:4.2 m      Load Draught:3.1 m     Light Draft:2.59 m

Oil Catcher Capacity:  ~357.328 m3

Recovering Floating Oil Capacity:  ~200 m3/h

Designer:Seahead Ship Design and Research Institute Co,. Ltd

Shipping Purpose:This ship is an advanced oil spill recovery vessel, could be in coastal zone to sail and work. It has pollution of oil spill accident handling, in open waters, rapid and efficient implementation of the circumference of oil spill control and remove. It has the function of recovery and the temporary storage, and can assist the diversions accident ship oil tank storage. It also can handle and transport oil spill emergency equipment and supplies, being affordable near port and cruising tasks. In an effort to realize the scene and oil spill emergency information transmission between the command center, It can monitor the oil spill and the pollution sources.