Intensify the Epidemic Prevention, Full Response to the Typhoon Warning

TIME:2021-08-03 15:47AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

A few days ago, there was a small relapse for epidemic situation in Nanjing Lukou Airport, and COVID-19 positive cases were found via nucleic acid test in Hexian county and Wuhu city, Anhui province. The HQ of Wuhu COVID-19 Epidemic prevention and control and "Six Stability" work immediately issued the testing requirements for whole city. Affected by the landing of Typhoon "In-fa", the HQ of Wuhu Flood Control and Drought Relief improved the level III emergency response to flood control and typhoon prevention. The whole city is on alert and the security line is intensified.


As the only centennial state-owned enterprise in Anhui province, Wuhu Shipyard always puts in the first place for employees’ health and safety and the performance of social responsibility. Facing the current severe situation, the Party Committee of the Shipyard immediately held a special deployment, accurately implemented various prevention and control measures so as to block all potential risks.


On July 21, Wuhu Shipyard improved the level of epidemic prevention and control regarding to Nanjing Lukou Airport incident and issued Notice on Promoting Work of COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Wuhu Shipyard. All employees and their families were screened for the contact itinerary since July 7. Business travel arrangements to Nanjing were pending, and new employees from Nanjing or passing through Nanjing were implemented isolated observation initiatives. New employees were checked the 14 day itinerary record and health code and all employees were measured body temperature. On-site meetings with more than 20 participants were canceled and changed as online meeting.


On July 25, the Shipyard's epidemic response level was urgently improved. All employees wore masks, had meals in different time (no more than 40 people at a time), and the queue interval was more than 1m. All areas were disinfected. And actively responded to the call, promoted the rapid implementation of nucleic acid detection by all employees at the Shipyard level, and implemented the epidemic prevention and control.



On July 26, the Party Committee of the Shipyard actively responded Sanshan District Health Committee, coordinated with Baoding Health Center to collect samples in the Shipyard. The Party pioneers and young volunteers of the Shipyard served on the site spontaneously. Doctor’s white coats and volunteers’ red waistcoats are together to solve the problem that some employees work hard during the day and queue up for inspection at night, and further speed up the response to the call of all employees for inspection.




Regarding the landing of Typhoon "In-fa", the Shipyard launched anti typhoon level II response. An emergency leading group were established, flood control emergency materials and power support materials were prepared, and the falling risk of all kinds of signboards were removed. Also, preventive measures were carried out in wharf, such as taking timely anchoring, multiple reinforcement, stop block, windproof rope, rail clamp and other preventive measures for wharf ships and lifting equipment. The Shipyard established a prevention and control command group to monitor and respond 24 hours.



For shipbuilding operations in different places, countermeasures have been carried out simultaneously. The gantry crane and tower crane on the production site were anchored, the boom was lowered to the ground for support, and the Dingsheng 106 ship under construction was reinforced by cordage. Dingsheng 105, which has just completed the trial voyage, moved to the wind shelter anchorage as early as July 22, and the main engine is in the standby condition. With 24-hour on duty by turn, it withstood the test of the level 13 storm at the largest.

With the multiple efforts of government, Shipyard and employees, Wuhu will be calm and sunny again in the coming days.