The company held a quality management review meeting

TIME:2019-08-23 17:01AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

In order to comprehensively evaluate the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the company's quality management system, according to the overall requirements and planning of the company's quality management work, at 13:30 on August 23, more than 40 people including the company's general manager Zhang Zhao, company leaders, and related personnel participated in the annual quality management system review meeting at 303 conference room of No.1 building. The meeting was hosted by Zhang Zhao, general manager of the company.


Based on the current situation of the company's quality management system from July 2018 to June 2019, each center, summarizing the implementation of the company's quality management work from different perspectives, evaluated whether the quality management system is suitable for and effective to the current company’s actual production and made improvement suggestions.The review input includes military and civilian product management process performance, customer satisfaction analysis report, quality economic analysis report, annual company quality target completion, product compliance report, relevant parties, internal and external factors, technology, procurement status and employee satisfaction analysis reports. The relevant module manager made a detailed report on the above input requirements at the meeting. The directors of each center have raised questions and requirements for the review process. Through the final review, the meeting decided that the overall quality management system of the company is effective.


After the review meeting, Mr. Zhang put forward relevant requirements to the centers, pointing out that the quality management system is indispensable to promote the company's standardized management and the system review is the requirement of the company's future standardized management. We cannot regard the management review as raising the question, neither as a task just made for external audit of the quality management system. Instead, we must carefully do the quality system management review work. Each module manager should communicate with the center director for the difficult areas in meeting the input requirements of the management review this year. Don’t be afraid of exposing problems. The purpose of the management review is encouraging communication, finding problems, and then dealing with problems so as to adjust the quality management direction of the company in time.


At the meeting, Mr. Zhang suggested that the company's various work which can add the review process should add it to find problems and the solve the problems in time. In response to the comments of this review, Mr. Zhang requested that each center should immediately rectify after the meeting, and the objectives of the rectification should be clear, the measures should be strong, the results should be controllable, and we should have the ability to correct the deviations. The meeting clarified the requirement for the rectification time of the input materials for the management review.