First successful block mega lifting-64004 vessel ——EZ01 mega block was successfully and safely lifted and erected

TIME:2019-08-15 16:58AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

On the afternoon of August 14th, the first mega block lifting for EZ01 of the 64004 vessel at No.2 block assembly, was slowly lifted and raised by the platform, horizontally moved, close to the stern of the main hull of the 64004 vessel. It marked the safe and smooth lifting of the core section of the 64004 vessel.

Since August, the shipbuilding speed of the 64004 vessel has been steadily increased. The backward production workers of production and operation center, the labor service company personnel, and the construction engineers, precision controllers, and lifting workers have overcome the adverse effects of the weather. In order to ensure the safety of lifting, the backward production held a special meeting for mega block lifting and implemented various safety measures and met safety requirements. This lifting was carried out by the experienced commander of the lifting work area of the general group to ensure the successful implementation. The joint lifting of the two 450-ton gantry cranes at No.2 line increased the difficulty for lifting the mega block of the EZ01 hull, put forward higher requirements for the commander and the drivers of the two gantry cranes and brought a tough test for the timeliness, accuracy and synchronization of the operation. Through the adequate preparation, the mega block lifting work was successfully completed.


The successful mega block lifting of the EZ01 of the 64004 vessel is a good start for the constructing of the main hull of the vessel and of the slipway. The beforehand construction module has laid a good foundation and the construction team will utilize the weather of the start of the autumn which is turning cooler. The improvement of the external environment of shipbuilding is favorable for conduction production and construction. Piping outfitting, machinery fitting, outfitting, electric fitting and inner coating has followed up timely and the work of the subsequent vessel construction has been steadily carried out.