Dare to be the first person - warm congratulations to General Manager Zhang Zhao for winning the honorary title of "Anhui Youth Pioneer" in 2019

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"He accept the position when the market is in a downturn. He promoted the transformation of the enterprise and advocated the upgrading with his strong ability. He made great efforts to seek reform and spared no effort to make innovations. He is the helmsman of century-year old Wuhu Shipyard. He wrote the legend of sea and river, revived the glory of the past. he is a dream catcher on the shipbuilding road, building the road of dreams, sailing to the distance." This is the commentary for General Manager Zhang Zhao of the 2019 Anhui Young Pioneer Selection Committee. Sticking to is to be the best self in the time.


On the evening of August 17, 2019, the broadcasting hall of Anhui Broadcasting and Television Station Asia No. 1 was lit up. The "Anhui Province 2019 Young Pioneer Awards Ceremony" was held here. The "Anhui Province 2019 Young Pioneer Awards Ceremony" was a large-sacle activity hosted by Anhui Radio and Television, and jointly organized by Anhui Economic Life Channel, Anhui Young Entrepreneurs Association, Anhui Provincial Direct Working Committee, China Youth Daily, Xinhua Net, People's Daily, and Anhui News Network. The main purpose of this activity is to excavate and publicize the outstanding youth groups in Anhui province, set a youth model, and carry forward the spirit of the times that strives for progress and dares to be the first. The development of the country, the progress of society, and the rise of the nation are inseparable from the persistence and struggle of the youth. On the road of innovation and entrepreneurship, they are actively fighting and dare to be the first, getting the attention and affirmation of the whole society. After strict selection, 10 young pioneers were selected.


Through the example of young pioneers, we can unite the positive energy for social development, boost the development momentum of Anhui, and inject new souls into Anhui's economic take-off. The selection activity is an annual gathering of the new generation of Anhui youth with the theme of “Pioneer”. It is also a summary of the pioneering spirits of the youth in Anhui by mainstream media. They make great efforts and strive for progress. As elites and leaders in the youth, they are determined to make progress in their respective fields and dare to be the first in the world.


Zhang Zhao, general manager of Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd., through his continuous efforts and the support of his family, colleagues, and other circles, has lived up to the expectations and successfully became the candidate of “Anhui Province 2019 Young Pioneer”. The model has been passed down from generation to generation. First, the 2018 Anhui economic figure and the chairman of Hefei Wanhua Motor Technology Development Co., Ltd., Mr. Yao Chongquan, through a video showed us the first winner tonight: Zhang Zhao, general manager of Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. of  Chery Holding Group.


Since working, Comrade Zhang ZhaWuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd of Chery Holding Group. During this period, how much effort and sweat have been put into it. He is brave in strategic innovation and embarks on a new journey. Comrade Zhang Zhao, general manager of the company, has never forgotten to learn during his career in marketing. While working hard, he has been carrying out his career planning goals at the request of an outstanding entrepreneur and strives to improve his management capabilities. He fully understands that as a good entrepreneur, one must have the ability to continuously change for strategic innovation. Since general manager Zhang Zhao entered Wuhu Shipyard in February 2017, he vowed to make the 100-year-old Wuhu Shipyard become better.

When the global ship market is sluggish, the new shipbuilding order is declining and the shipbuilding companies are under pressure, it is a top priority to enhance the company’s core capacity and improve the company’s core competitiveness. In order to guide the company to find the strategic position, on the one hand, he actively organizes the company's leadership team to make explorations, on the other hand, he seeks to find group resources. Through comprehensively reviewing the management status and analysis, He has established the management policy of “guaranteeing survival, practicing internal strength, improving quality, and building reputation” and “innovative marketing model”. Through a series of sound measures, he gave birth to a reasonable current product structure for the company and a controllable production rhythm.


Hundred year’s policy bases on people. General manager Zhang Zhao clearly recognizes that enterprise development requires both strategic guidance and human beings-the key element. We will strengthen the building of cadres and continue to cultivate the basic management capabilities, abilities of teamwork and customer orientation at all levels of the company, vigorously train and select outstanding young and middle-aged cadres, and enhance the vitality of the team. We will continue attach importance to the construction of spiritual civilization, and at the same time we will cultivate the shipyard corporate culture. Comrade Zhang Zhao always remembers his Party membership, attaches great importance to the building of clean government, and continuously enhances the sense of mission and responsibility of the majority of Party members and cadres. Since he was the general manager of Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. for three years, he has been keen on reform and active marketing. Taking the structural adjustment of the shipbuilding industry and industrial transformation and upgrading as an opportunity, according to the development requirements of “military and civilian integration, ecological protection, and the Belt and Road Initiative”, based on military products orders, he actively expands trade business of the army, navy and military assistance, paying close attention to the development of civilian products market, and achieving strategic breakthroughs in chemical oil tanks, clean-up ships and other market segments. In 2018, we got 3.82 billion yuan new orders, the contract orders fulfilling the rolling production for 2.5 years, achieving profits when the majority of the shipbuilding industry is suffering a loss. We actively implement the strategy of stong manufacturing in Anhui Province. In the past three years, three types of products have been identified as the “first set” of major equipment in Anhui Province. He actively fulfills social responsibility, increases environmental protection investment, and leads Anhui's ship environmental protection work. Anhui Provincial Party Committee Secretary Li Jinbin gave a high degree of recognition after field investigation for his behaviors. At present, the newly-built ship type of Wuhu Shipyard, in addition to the north and south poles, has unlimited navigation around the world. In the 2018 Nanhai military parade, the Li Siguang vessel and the Deng Jia Xian vessel built by Wuhu Shipyard gloriously accepted the inspection by President Xi.


Accompanied by cheers and applause, Comrade Zhang Zhao, with great joy, stepped onto the stage, and cordially thanked the award presenter Mr Yao. When general manager Zhang took over the heavy trophy, he was excited. Then general manager Zhang delivered a speech, "this honor is not only a personal honor, but also a society's expectation for the century-old Wuhu Shipyard. In the future, we will continue to work hard to make progress, reform and innovation, and contribute to make Anhui a strong province of manufacturing..." Honor is a full affirmation for the 100-year-old Wuhu Shipyard.




In the century-old Wuhu shipbuilding, we can strongly feel the patriotism. We are determined to reform, be proactive, and conscientious, and we dare not slack off. With the management policy of “making military products solid, strengthening civilian products, and making non-ships profitable”, he is committed to leading the employees to build the century-old Wuhu Shipyard into a first-class domestic and international leading shipbuilding company, standing at a new point and continuing to write a new chapter belonging to the shipyard and individuals.