One of the general skills training for college students in the workplace - "effective communication"

TIME:2019-08-07 18:02AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

In order to help college students improve their working skills and efficiency, considering the training needs of college students, 2019 training courses of general working skills for college students were opened by Wuhu Shipyard. In accordance with the training plan, the first training class - effective communication for college students was opened on on August 6, 2019. A total of 56 college students participated in the training, which was taught by Liu Mingming, manager of the human resources department.


This training course was mainly composed of four parts: language communication skills, non-verbal communication skills, parallel communication skills and constructive communication. At the beginning of the course, Manager Liu gave a preliminary understanding of effective communication through the game “You make a move and I will guess ” . At the same time, the game mobilized participants enthusiasm and activated the classroom atmosphere.


In the classroom, Manager Liu encouraged students to speak positively and express their thoughts and opinions by enumerating various communication cases. Through case analysis, not only let all the students learn how to communicate effectively and make communication become valuable and meaningful, but also let them know how to deal with similar situations in the daily work and life to achieve the intended communication purposes.


various methods and tips for effective communication were described at class, which can enable people to better coordinate with the leaders and colleagues in the future. At the end of the course, grouping brainstorming through real-life cases deepened everyone's understanding of effective communication.


Konosuke Matsushita once said that "business management used to be communication, now is communication, future will still be communication." An effective communication can make the two sides to have same ideas, generate consensus, reduce friction and suspicion, and improve interpersonal relationships. From the beginning of communication, with few theories but more cases, interacting from reality, this training course generated a good effect.