Wuhu shipyard has successfully launched another 10000DWT vessel

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On September 23, 2019, Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. solemnly held the launching ceremony of the 12,500 DWT bulk carrier “Gaolan 101”. Shipowners- Zhuhai Port Holdings and Zhuhai Port Shipping, China Classification Society Wuhu Branch, Chery Holding Group, Hong Kong Inter-ocean Marine Company, Anhui Zhonghui Shipping and other guests attended the launching ceremony. At 13:40, accompanied by the fragrance of the champagne, the bloom of the ball, the cutting off of the rope, the long sound of firecrackers, Huang Zhihua, president of Zhuhai Port Co., Ltd. , Zhou Biren, general manager of Chery Group and chairman of Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd., and Zhou Shengxian, deputy general manager of China Classification Society Wuhu Branch, jointly cut the ribbon for the launching, and the 12500 DWT first-class vessel “Gaolan 101” of Zhuhai Port, which was built by Wuhu Shipyard, was successfully launched.



Huang Zhihua, President of Zhuhai Port Co., Ltd. , Zhou Biren, General Manager of Chery Holding Group and Chairman of Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd., and Zhou Shengxian, Deputy General Manager of China Classification Society Wuhu Branch cut the ribbon for the “Gaolan 101” vessel.


Kuang Jiangfeng, General Manager of the shipowner Zhuhai Port Shipping Co., Ltd. delivered a speech.


Du Chengchang, Deputy General Manager of the builder Wuhu Shipbuilding  Co., Ltd. delivered a speech.

With a hull length of 139.2 meters, molded width of 20.4 meters and molded depth of 11.4 meters, the single-shell 12,500 DWT bulk carrier is single screw and sails in offshore, and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The vessel is designed to have the shaft generator driven by the fixed pitch propeller, with the help from frequency converter to supply  the constant frequency and voltage to the grid. It is not necessary to start the diesel generator during normal navigation, and the main engine driven  shaft generator could ensure continuous power supply to the navigation equipment, achieving energy conservation and environmental protection.


As the guests cut the champagne cable, the huge hull of 12500 DWT “Gaolan 101”slowly slipped into the Yangtze River with the salute roaring, the colorful flags fluttering, the spreading of the fragrance of the champagne.

Create a "first-class vessel" to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the motherland

In the construction process of the vessel, the company has adhered to the spirit of unity, hard work, pragmatism, innovation, excellence and high efficiency, and with the strong support of Zhuhai Port Shipping Co., Ltd. and China Classification Society, it has been organizing production efficiently and returned for the trust of the shipowner with first-class quality and reasonable production cycle, a powerful witness to the friendly cooperation between our company and Zhuhai Port Shipping Co., Ltd.

In 2019, Wuhu Shipyard continued to promote the reform of modern shipbuilding mode in accordance with the management policy of “enhancing military products, strengthening civilian products, and profiting from non-ships”, and in line with the requirements of integration of design, production and management, and integration of hull construction, outfitting and coating. As a result, production efficiency has been continuously increasing, the number of block assembly lifting has gone by 46% and the cycle of the berth has reduced by 35%. The company has always carried forward the spirit of century-old craftsmanship, and has built every ship in accordance with the quality of military industry. With first-class quality and first-class construction level, it has delivered “first-class vessels” to shipowners and presented gifts to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China with high-quality development.