Safe Production Month | The post-production has held Shipbuilding Safety Fire Drill

TIME:2020-06-15 09:09AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

In order to further strengthen the management of ship fire safety, enhance employees' fire safety awareness, popularize fire safety knowledge, and improve ship fire emergency response capabilities, on the afternoon of June 12, the production line and EHS module of the production and operation center were launched at the company's outfitting terminal, which is 2020 ship fire and environmental protection emergency drill.


This event was highly valued by company leaders. Zhang Zhao, General Manager, went to the drill site in person and served as the chief commander of the site. The General Manager Zhang said that No matter how busy the production is, please never forget the safety, the safety production must be a long-term alarm and always work hard! All employees of the company must always keep aware of safety, plan ahead, and take precautions, and order through the "Safe Production Month" series of activities Carry out, improve the safety awareness of all employees, lay a solid foundation of safety theory, and compact the safety management responsibilities at all levels."


All the participants will be present, and the exercise will officially start after 5 minutes

Smoke is ignited at the entrance of the 79m offshore engineering cabin

Fire a fuel barrel on the dock to sound the fire alarm

The teams began to evacuate people urgently

Firefighting action team launches firefighting action

Asking the fire truck to reinforce the fire


The on-site safety officer said that Report Manager Liu, I am a terminal safety officer. The fuel in the oil tank in the engine room of the 79-meter ship has leaked. There is an electric welding operation above the engine room. Welding slag dropped and ignited the fuel, causing a fire. The employees in the production area have started to evacuate and are organizing rescue work, requesting support! Then Manager Liu said that Understand, please hurry up in accordance with the company's emergency plan, and we will arrive immediately! It is understood that this fire emergency drill is 79 The Mihai ship is used as a carrier and uses real simulation scenarios. The drill content includes emergency response capabilities, emergency evacuation capabilities, wounded rescue capabilities, fire extinguishing treatment capabilities, and link protection capabilities.


Through this exercise, the majority of employees were tested to grasp the emergency procedures and practical operation skills, so that they can quickly, efficiently, reasonably and orderly handle fire accidents and achieve the expected results. In the next step, the company will continue to organize other special and targeted emergency drills, in an effort to plan ahead and take precautions.