When the labor management reform is in progress

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The company held the first half of 2020 labor service management summary meeting

On June 13rd, Pan Yuhong, deputy secretary of the company's party committee, hosted the first half of 2020 labor management summary meeting. In the meeting,they reviewed and summarized the company's labor management work highlights and deficiencies in the first half of the year, and have arranged and deployed the next key work. The manager of each module of the production and operation center and the technical quality center and the heads of more than 20 labor service companies attended the meeting. The leaders of the Sanshan District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Public Security Bureau were invited to do the "Labor Security Law Knowledge" and "Local Security Management" Requirements" training promotion.


At the meeting, Deputy Secretary Pan Yuhong firstly represented the company's general manager Zhang Zhao and the leadership team, and expressed the most sincere greetings and heartfelt greetings to the heads of the labor companies participating in the conference and the laborers who are struggling on the front line of shipbuilding and production! He said that it is precisely because of the persistent adherence of the laborers brothers to the shipbuilding business in Wuhu that we have ensured our rapid return to production during the epidemic. All the work is steadily advancing and we are sprinting towards the goal of the year. Subsequently, Deputy Secretary Pan Yuhong combined with the semi-annual review of labor service work, and summed up the labor service work and put forward new requirements around the three aspects of "Bright spots, Shortages, and Breakthroughs".


Deputy Secretary Pan Yuhong summarized the labor service

There are highlights

The return to work rate exceeds the industry average of 30%

The 20% of the half-year labor plan exceeds the target matching amount

There are more than 30 labor teams signed by 2020. Since February 10, 2020, the company has resumed work and resumed production. The employment rate is 120%, and all operation modules are fully covered. In the early stage of epidemic prevention, the company formulated the self-driving subsidies, chartered car subsidies, segregation subsidies, return bus transfers and other resumption measures in time for the difficulty of labor workers' travel and difficulties in returning to work. During the epidemic prevention and control period. And then, the company completed a total of 3563 returnees registration, 72 isolation, 73 nucleic acid inspection, "0 suspected", "0 confirmed diagnosis", to achieve "0 risk" of epidemic prevention!

As of the beginning of June, the half-year labor plan for laborers exceeded the target matching amount by 20%, helping the company to "Do a big job in March, April, May". And we will try to recover the lost time. Since March 1st, the company has been upgraded from partial resumption to full resumption and resumption of production, and it has set off a labor competition boom in the "Strugging for March, April and May". The abundant labor force matches the labor force, which will allow the company to resume full production and resume normal production quickly. It laied the foundation for business activities.



It has a shortpart

Management specification meets short board

Operational efficiency encountered a bottleneck

Through the review of the semi-annual labor management work, there are many shortcomings. In the first place, the extensive management failed to meet the standards. There are some items that failed to meet the standards for the third-level safety education rate, insurance purchase rate, occupational health examination completion rate, and access control card processing rate. In the second place, the lack of ability is difficult to adapt to. The insufficient capacity did not reach the post, poor management in the manufacturing process was eliminated and on and on. Lastly, the operating efficiency was not high, but the operating cost per unit time was high. And the operating efficiency encountered a bottleneck.

Pursue breakthrough

Build a community of interests for cooperation and mutual benefit

The Deputy Secretary Pan Yuhong finally pointed out that "The company puts forward the annual management policy of product layout, this year, marketing innovation, production speed, and management quality improvement". Among them, one of the key tasks of "production speed, management quality improvement" is to promote the reform of labor management. How to promote the labor-based labor management, release the maximum efficiency of the labor management organization, and create a community of shared and mutually beneficial interests will be the key to improving the quality of management. And it is also the basis for the completion of the various production capacity plans as scheduled in the second half of the year. According to the company's deployment arrangements for labor management reform, the focus of labor management reform is to implement the following aspects of the work that the first is to facilitate the compliance management of the team, including team planning, task allocation, profit and loss monitoring, process evaluation and on and on. The second is Improve the overall ability of the team, including team formation system, team assessment, price control, quality improvement and on and on. The third is to establish a standardized operating system, quantify the target performance assessment, so that everyone has a clear goal, and each additional effort will gain more; The fourth is the pilot implementation of separate payment of labor wages and fees, standardization of the wage payment process, legal and compliant payment, reducing the risk of management and control, and let the laborers brothers let go of their ideological concerns." "Dear colleagues, the core issues of labor reform are two points in general which are improving management and improving efficiency. Firstly, we must solve the problem of how the team can improve its own management and how to improve the profit and loss management and control capabilities. Secondly, how to solve the team's work, How to work to support ourselves, how to make money, how to improve efficiency! 2020 is an important year for the company to deepen reforms and promote the development of shipbuilding transformation. Let us join hands to create a cooperative and mutually beneficial and win-win situation. The community of interests, while contributing energy to the company's development, reaps personal success!"


Liu Yajun, Chief of Labor Supervision Section of Sanshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, proclaimed the Regulations on Guaranteeing the Payment of Wages of Migrant Workers

The Regulations on Guaranteeing the Payment of Wages for Migrant Workers will come into effect on May 1, 2020. The chief Liu Yajun has focused on implementing the main responsibilities of labor companies, standardizing labor contracts for labor companies, standardizing wage payment behaviors, clarifying wage repayment responsibilities, and strengthening supervision methods and other aspects of the "Regulations" publicity and interpretation.


Police Officer He Bo of Sanshan District Public Security Bureau proclaimed the "Requirements for Local Public Security Management"

Officer He Bo focused on sharing the control thinking of the labor service company "out of 8 hours", standardizing the requirements of each link from the four aspects of "clothing, food, housing and transportation", focusing on "personal safety and property safety" to strengthen prevention awareness and enhance management efforts.