The Wuhu Shipyard, hearing the news of "floods", has launched an attack and worked together to fight against the flood and grab production!

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In the past few days, due to the incoming water in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the rainfall in the interval, the water level of the Wuhu section of the Yangtze River in Anhui has exceeded the warning level. As of 12:00 on July 14, the monitoring water level of Wuhu Station was 12.52 meters, the super-alarm water level was 1.32 meters, and it was only 0.35 meters away from the highest water level in history. The river was close to the top of the river embankment. According to hydrological and meteorological forecasts, the incoming water in the upper reaches will continue to increase in the coming week, the main rain belt will swing from north to south, and the flood control situation in the Wuhu section of the Yangtze River is still grim.

Since the flood situation, Wuhu Shipyard has heard the "floods" and took decisive measures. While strengthening the prevention and control of waterlogging in the plant area, we also deployed forces to invest in local anti-flood and emergency rescue, and prepared strategic flood prevention materials in advance for the front line of flood control, so as to highlight the responsibility of the WS staffs.

Beginning on July 6th, the company has started the internal flood control first-level response mechanism and established the office of the flood control leading group. In terms of waterlogging prevention, inventory and evacuation of production equipment and office items in the berth and dock areas are planned in advance. And the temporary office areas are planned. Meanwhile, temporary offices for employees outside the levees are organized. The temporary passages for employees in low-lying areas are established to connect the berth and dock areas. And company water level monitoring is established. At the same time, real-time water level data is released every hour. At the same time, the company's management cadres take the lead and set up a flood control duty patrol team to conduct 24 hours of day and night safety inspections of the plant area and embankment to ensure foolproof. In terms of external flood control, the company responded to Anhui Province Ⅱ Level flood control emergency mechanism and Wuhu city government's flood control deployment requirements, take active actions, arrange weeding outside the river embankment in advance, prepare flood control sand and gravel materials, and conduct round-the-clock patrol inspection to prevent leakage. In addition, the company's party committee organization called on more than 100 party members and cadres to establish a party member vanguard commando team, standing by for 24 hours, responding to the call of superior organizations at any time, and always ready to go to the front line against the flood.


The flood situation is above everything else. There is need to prevent major floods, resist major risks, ensure safety, and catch production, WS staffs are in action.

On July 6th, the company organized employees to transfer some of the production materials that are at risk of wading.

On July 7th, the company, overnight, organized a rescue team to build a temporary trestle bridge, which is between the berth and dock area.


On July 13rd, the company actively responded to the government's deployment requirements and prepared in advance flood control strategic such materials as steel plate materials and heavy cranes for the front line of flood control.


On July 14th, the company organized the party member Pioneer Commando to carry steel plate flood control materials. And a number of amphibious emergency equipment vehicles is provided emergency assistance to the foundation pit seepage rescue of the Wu Wei pumping station.


At present, the company's shipbuilding rhythm is accelerating, and the sudden flood situation has brought great pressure to the company's production tasks. While grasping the flood control and losing the emergency, the company reasonably arranged the production plan, and opened the double-shift system of white and night shifts in a timely manner to minimize the impact of the flood situation.

May blessing stay with Wuhu Shipyard!

May peace be with Wuhu!

May peace to China!