Wuhu Shipyard Employee’s Happy Year, All Get New Year Goods

TIME:2021-01-30 09:00AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

With the coming of the 2021 Spring Festival and the risk of epidemic prevention and control brought by the flow of Spring Festival transportation personnel, the CPC Central Committee Office and the State Council call on people all over the country to celebrate the Spring Festival in place. Wuhu shipyard, as a state-owned enterprise, takes the initiative to respond to the call of the party and the government, and strives to keep the non-local employees stay put during the Spring Festival. It has organized and planned a series of Happy Year activities, such as celebrating the Spring Festival with new year culture, welcoming the Spring Festival with new year goods, and spending the Spring Festival on duty, so as to give every employee a happy year.



The Spring Festival is around the corner. Under the careful planning of the Party committee and the labour union of Wuhu shipyard Co., Ltd., on January 29, it once again brought a different Spring Festival welfare consolation to everyone, that is, to grant the frozen pork and Spring Festival gift bags. During this welfare consolation, the shipyard granted new year cultural gift bags to all employees and labor company workers in early stage, and then purchased more than 20000 KG pork for everyone, so as to provide a "Wuhu Shipyard flavor" dish for each employee's family's Spring Festival reunion dinner. On January 29, the granting activity was conducted by the leaders of the shipyard, with the grass-roots labour union as the unit. Each grass-roots division of  labour union formed the happy delivery team, and the grant site was in full swing. The pork, weighing more than 10 KG, is granted to each employee on schedule. At the same time, the leaders' deep concern and new year's wishes are also sent to the employees on the site.



With “New Year goods” held in hands, all employees are warm in the hearts. The valuable welfare gifts, the smile on everyone’s face, all reflects the warmth from Wuhu shipyard family. The granting site is full of joy. After receiving the "New Year's goods", the employees happily expressed: "It’s quite hard won to achieve such good results for the shipyard’s production and operation after experiencing the epidemic and the flood situation in 2020. For this Spring Festival welfare, the company's Party committee and labour union fully considers employees’ interests, grants pork to employees even the pork price is rising sharply before the Spring Festival, and helps our family to spend a good Spring Festival. We are very grateful for this. We must work harder in 2021 and make concerted efforts to develop the company better. "


In 2020, under the leadership of the company's Party committee and management, all employees of Wuhu shipyard Co., Ltd. made concerted efforts to seek development, overcame the dual impact of the epidemic situation and the flood of the Yangtze River, implemented double shift 24-hour operation, increased 78% of the year-on-year production milestones, and improved 32% of the year-on-year total industrial output value. The new orders can satisfy the continuous production in subsequent three years. To be able to achieve high-quality development in the context of a century of great changes and the global epidemic situation is the result of the spirit of the Wuhu shipyard people’s unity and hard work, pragmatic innovation, excellence and efficiency. The Party committee and the labour union of the company always focus on the interests of employees, consider employees’ life and work, comprehensively carry out a series of Happy China year activities, further enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of employees, and strive to create new achievements in 2021!