Practice the Concept of Green Development and Promote the Construction of Ecological Civilization --- The First Offshore Ecological Environment Monitoring and Law Enforcement Ship Started Steel Cutting in Wuhu Shipyard

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In order to carry out the environmental protection concept of General Secretary Xi Jinping, "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", and protect and restore the overall requirements of the Yangtze River ecosystem, the offshore ecological environment monitoring and law enforcement ship project, jointly developed by Jiangsu environmental monitoring center, China Shipbuilding 702 Research Institute and Wuhu Shipyard, officially started on the morning of June 5, 2021. More than 30 participants, including Wang Junmin, Director of Jiangsu environmental monitoring center, Zhao Yonggang, deputy Director, Chen Jun, deputy Director of China Shipbuilding Industry Group 702 Research Institute, Li Hong, Site Manager of China Classification Society, Zhang Zhao, Party Secretary and Chairman of Wuhu Shipyard, and Miao Ke, executive Deputy General Manager, celebrated the steel-cutting ceremony. Zhu Bo, Director of Production&Operation Department, presided over the ceremony.

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First of all, Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shuangxi Maritime Development Co., Ltd. reported the project planning, construction plan and supervision scheme respectively. Chen Jun, deputy Director of the 702nd Research Institute of China shipbuilding industry group, delivered a speech. He said that Wuhu shipyard, as a centennial military enterprise, has a strong foundation for cooperation in wind power operation and maintenance ships and environmental protection engineering ships. It has used a number of advanced technologies in ship form optimization, navigation power, resistance, noise reduction and other dimensions in the construction of the ecological environment monitoring and law enforcement ship. In the future construction process, we will spare no effort to provide technical support and cooperation, ensure the quality and quantity to meet the requirements of the government, and create high-quality products.

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Wang Junmin, Director of Jiangsu environmental monitoring center, delivered a speech. He pointed out that as the first environmental law enforcement ship in Jiangsu Province, the type selection, design and contractor selection of the ship are all the cooperation plans of Jiangsu's ecological environment system based on the first-class standards, first-class system and first-class effect, through careful screening and comprehensive consideration. Wuhu Shipyard, as a centennial military enterprise, shows unlimited trust in its construction ability, manufacturing details and quality culture. Ecological environmental protection and economic development are dialectically unified and complementary. This environmental law enforcement ship is an important starting point in promoting ecological environmental protection projects. From then on, more advanced equipment will be added to the environmental protection projects. Further cooperation with Wuhu Shipyard is expected in the field of Co Construction of environmental protection. Looking forward to the good final shaping of the ship, and hope it become the best ecological environment monitoring and law enforcement ship in China.

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Zhang Zhao, Secretary of the Party committee and Chairman of Wuhu Shipyard, expressed his thanks to all the guests. Zhang pointed out that the construction of the ecological environment monitoring and law enforcement ship is the specific practice of Wuhu Shipyard in response to the construction of ecological civilization, and it is also an important measure for both sides to implement the national transportation power policy and the "Chinese ship is built by China" initiative. As a state-owned enterprise and a leading enterprise in Anhui shipbuilding industry, Wuhu Shipyard will firmly practice safe production and green manufacturing. In recent years, Wuhu Shipyard has put green development and ecological civilization in the first place, invested, upgraded and transformed in a multi pronged way, took the lead in implementing the "three wastes" treatment internally, reached the regional benchmark level, and actively implemented the development and construction of environmental protection ship types externally. The construction of the ecological environment monitoring and law enforcement ship embodies the important task of promoting the construction of ecological civilization and the expectation of Jiangsu environmental protection monitoring center. Wuhu Shipyard will optimize the process and concentrate resources, and make it a benchmark ship for the national environmental protection industry. It is to carry out General Secretary Xi Jinping's "great protection of the Yangtze River" and promote the high quality development of the Yangtze River economic belt.

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All participants started the steel-cutting ceremony for the Ecological environment monitoring and law enforcement ship at the joint workshop. With Wang Junmin, Director of Jiangsu environmental monitoring center, pressing the start switch, the plasma cutting equipment officially started. It is reported that the ship will be launched in six months and delivered in nine months. Both parties formally signed the steel-cutting document, and the ceremony ended successfully.

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