Anhui's First 5800 DWT Ice Class MPV Was Launched Successfully

TIME:2021-08-26 14:16AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

On August 25, 5800 DWT ice class MPV built by Wuhu Shipyard for Netherlands shipowners was successfully launched. This is the first vessel of this series. The shipowner Wijnne Barends, DNV and the top management of Wuhu Shipyard jointly celebrated the launching ceremony.

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The vessel is a MPV driven by single propeller, with hull strengthened for Finland Ice Class 1A and suitable for worldwide navigation. The hull adopts the forecastle design, and the stern is equipped with a wide body rudder and shroud, which are integrated into the hull line, making the navigation more energy efficient. Hull for open navigation, cargo capacity is strong. The main engine is designed as a hybrid of LNG, light fuel to meet Tier III emission requirements. It is an excellent work with advanced technology, perfect performance and green and low carbon.

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The vessel highlights the wisdom and efforts of Wuhu Shipyard, Wijnne Barends, DNV, Conoship and Shanghai SDARI Design Institute. During construction, Wuhu Shipyard overcame the adverse factors such as epidemic situation, typhoon and high temperature, always maintained indomitable efforts and demonstrated the spirit of craftsman.

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In recent years, Wuhu Shipyard has focused on strategic transformation and deeply developed product layout. Driven by the "R & D + manufacturing" mode, it has successively created high-quality products in the fields of liquid cargo ships, ROLO Crane ships, AHTS, official ships and MPV. The Shipyard will continue to optimize the construction mode, continue to consolidate the development pattern, and lead the province's shipbuilding industry to a new high.