Good News! Wuhu Shipyard Signed 5000 DWT Crude Oil Tanker Contract With Beihai Shipping

TIME:2021-08-30 15:28AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

On August 26, Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Beihai Shipping Co., Ltd. signed a 5000 DWT Crude Oil Tanker Contract at the Shanghai Office of Beihai Shipping. Sun Junli, General Manager of Beihai Shipping, Feng Wenjun, Deputy General Manager, Zhang Zhao, Chairman of Wuhu Shipyard, Du Chengchang, deputy General Manager and other relevant personnel of the project team attended the signing ceremony.

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Shanghai Beihai Shipping was established in 1994. Its main business is domestic marine crude oil transportation. It operates routes all over the Middle East, Southeast Asia, domestic coastal and middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is one of the main forces of domestic marine crude oil transportation. With an annual transportation volume of more than 20 million tons, it has become a first-line enterprise in the domestic oil transportation market. The 5000 DWT Crude Oil Tanker signed this time is designed by ODELY, with a total length of 105 meters and certified by CCS. The tanker is a shuttle oil tanker specially built for CNOOC Bohai Bay marginal oilfield. With the functions of bow thrusting and Ice Class, it has higher oil carrying safety guarantee. The construction of the tanker will provide an important guarantee for the safe production of marginal oil fields in Bohai Bay.

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Based on the strategic positioning of the high-end tanker market, Wuhu Shipyard makes two-way efforts in the domestic and international markets. Since March this year, Beihai Shipping has begun to investigate Wuhu Shipyard. With its construction level, technical ability, internal management and other characteristic advantages, Wuhu shipyard was highly recognized by Beihai Shipping and finally stood out among many shipbuilding enterprises. This signing is an important measure for Wuhu Shipyard to focus on characteristic development and clarify the business path. It is also an accurate portrayal of the Shipyard's excellent technical quality and fully recognized by the market, which has laid a foundation for further cooperation between the two sides in the future.

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As the global ship market recovers in 2021, Wuhu Shipyard focuses on the structural layout of high-end products and goes hand in hand in civil product line export and domestic trade. This year, orders have been successively signed such as 21500 DWT LNG dual fuel asphalt / product oil tanker, 80m LNG pure gas propulsion system dump ship, 6600 DWT and 9000 DWT series dual phase stainless steel chemical tanker, 62500 DWT bulk carrier and so on. With a brave attitude of riding the wind and waves, Wuhu Shipyard moved forward at full speed in the domestic and international markets.