Remain true to original aspiration / 6600 DWT Chemical Tanker Was Successfully Launched, Creating 2 Global "First"

TIME:2021-09-07 08:21AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

On September 6, the first 6600 DWT Stainless Steel Chemical Tanker with diesel powered, DC driven built by Wuhu Shipyard for Shanghai Dingheng Shipping Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully launched. Ni Zhimin, executive director of Shanghai Dingheng shipping technology, Zhang Dongbiao, deputy general manager of CCS Jiangsu Branch, Yao qunmin, general manager of Wuhu Branch, Guo Changxing, general manager of Shanghai Hanshun Ship Design, and the top management of Wuhu Shipyard celebrated the grand launching ceremony.

The vessel has a total length of 111.98m, a width of 17.60m, a depth of 8.90m and a design draft of 9.75m. It is classified by China Classification Society and meets the service and transportation standards of class 2 and 3 petroleum and chemicals of the international maritime organization. The vessel embodies the wisdom and efforts of many parties, demonstrates the strategic determination of Wuhu Shipyard to deeply develop the field of high-end liquid cargo ships, and creates two "first" in the world.

First, it is the first in the world to equip the vessel with diesel power, DC power distribution and low-speed permanent magnet motor propulsion. Three asynchronous generator sets are adopted, and a double winding permanent magnet low-speed motor is configured to drive the propeller. It is equipped with intelligent cruise mode of one click selection of low-speed economic speed, medium speed economic speed and high-speed economic speed. With obvious advantages in ship reliability and ship energy saving, it realizes low-carbon navigation.

Second, it is the first in the world to greatly develop intelligent elements for the vessel type. The vessel is equipped with intelligent engine room, intelligent energy efficiency, intelligent navigation, intelligent cargo and intelligent information integration platform. Combined with shore based technical support, it can greatly reduce the crew allocation and fully implement the forward-looking development of intelligent crew reduction.

It is worth mentioning that 99% of the high-end performance equipment of the vessel are domestic products. This is a strong breakthrough in the "domestication of products" with both sides adhering to the domestic cycle as the main body. Explain to the world the products made in China with excellent and perfect technical level.

Autumn September is full of emotion and feelings for Wuhu Shipyard. On the occasion of the 121st anniversary of the Shipyard, it presents a gift to the anniversary with the successful construction of the vessel. Wuhu shipyard keeps in mind its original heart and mission, always takes revitalizing the national shipbuilding industry as its own responsibility, deeply develops transformation and upgrading, accelerates market development, and is determined to become a modern medium-sized shipyard with characteristics and good brand.