The first 28,000 DWT Duplex Stainless Steel Chemical Tanker in Anhui Province was launched

TIME:2019-06-15 14:30AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

On June 15, 2019, Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. solemnly held the launching ceremony of 28,000 DWT duplex stainless steel chemical tanker. At 9:36 in the morning, Mr. Zhang Rende from the shipowner Ningbo Donghai Shipping Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Bin from Anhui Provincial Economic and Trade Office, and Mr. Xu Fengshou from Wuhu Maritime Bureau jointly cut the ribbon.  Accompanied by the fragrance of the champagne in the bow, blooming of colored balloons, picking up of the axe and cracking of the rope and sounds of firecrackers, Anhui’s first duplex stainless steel chemical tanker-Haideli was successfully launched, opening a new chapter in the construction of chemical tankers in Anhui Province.


At the launching ceremony, General Manager Jin Chunyuan of the owner of Ningbo Donghai Shipping Co., Ltd., General Manager Yao Qunmin of the ship inspection party of CCS (China Classification Society), and General Manager Zhang Zhao of the builder of Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. delivered speeches one by one. Zhang Zhao, general manager of Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. Said, “ We will take the 28021 ship as an opportunity to cooperate with all relevant parties to take the road of high quality and adhere to the business philosophy of “one ship is an advertisement; one advertisement is a market”.  We will make products with first-class quality and excellent performance, deliver fine ships to shipowners and make greater contributions to the shipbuilding and manufacturing industry of Anhui Province.


28,000 DWT duplex stainless steel chemical tanker, hull length 177 meters, beam moulded 27.5 meters, depth moulded 14 meters, has 12 liquid warehouses, double bottoms double shells, single machine single pulp, with a conventional power propulsion system. It is suitable for carrying class II, Class III chemicals and refined oil products. It is the largest duplex stainless steel chemical tanker of CCS. The ship started building on June 26, 2018, and was launched on the building berth on November 19, 2018. After nearly 12 months of hard-working by Wuhu shipbuilders, the launching was realized as planned. The underwater installation and commissioning and mooring test phases were initiated and it is expected to be delivered in November 2019. The ship was our first duplex stainless steel chemical tanker after the successful building of 28,000 DWT special painted chemical tanker in 2018. The ship has high technical content, strict construction quality requirements and high construction difficulty. The company systematically clarifies the key technologies and difficulties of constructing the ship, builds and reconstructs stainless steel hull construction workshops, and invests in the special equipment and facilities required for the construction of duplex stainless steel. Adhering to the spirit of unity, hard-working, pragmatic innovation, excellence and efficiency, we have organized technical, production, quality and other professionals to carry out technical researches, actively explore and innovate, extensively carry out the combination of production, study and research, and successfully break through the difficulties of duplex stainless steel welding. In the process of construction, the technical difficulties of the deformation control and precision control of duplex stainless steel have been overcome. Especially when the use of duplex stainless steel materials is unique, the material utilization rate is over 99%.


As the guests cut off the champagne cable, the huge hull of the Ship 28021 (Haideli) slowly slipped into the Yangtze River, with the roaring of firecrackers, the fluttering of colorful flags, the fragrance of champagne.



The company has always insisted on innovation and self-breakthrough. From the production of small boats to the construction of vessels, shipbuilding materials has changed from wood to glass steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, duplex stainless steel. The company has created 26 firsts in the history of Chinese shipbuilding. In 2019, in accordance with the business policy of “doing military products, strengthening civilian products, and profiting from non-ships”, the company clarified the market orientation of the liquid cargo ship and further promoted the reform of modern shipbuilding mode in accordance with the requirements of integration of design, production and management and integration of shell coating. The company has carried forward the spirit of centuries-old craftsmen, built every boat according to the quality of military products, and successfully built 28,000 DWT duplex stainless steel chemical tanker with first-class quality and first-class construction level, laying the foundation for the batch production and making its own brand of the finished chemical tankers. It has been unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign ship owners including Donghai Shipping Company and has obtained orders for bulk chemical tankers from the European chemical tanker market.