Congratulations on the successful completion of the 64003 Vessel

TIME:2019-06-05 15:10AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

On the evening of June 4, 2019, the weather was sultry. When everyone was at rest, the shipowners, ship inspectors, construction engineers, precision control technicians and other relevant staff at the second shipyard of the factory were still busy working overtime. Everyone carefully checked the various measurement data, and then the shipowners and ship inspectors confirmed that the ship's construction specifications were met. This marked the completion of the 64003 Vessel transfer and the installation of the axle rudder began.


On June 7th, the production and operation center No. 2 shipyard two 450-ton door cranes will gradually lift the 64003 ship's main section from the total assembly platform, and smoothly and orderly move closer to the ship's building berth 64003, successfully hoisting the position. Through the completion of this node, the construction of the bulk structure of the bulk carrier 64003 hull achieved important results.

After the production team of the total assembly actively responded to the requirements of the company's large-scale activities, the 64003 ship summarized the successful construction experience of the two previous 64,000-ton ships, and carried out production around the ship's launching. The team members overcame the continuous increase in temperature and insufficient sub-storage and other unfavorable factors. In order to improve construction efficiency, two process improvements were made. The hull structure was changed in the form of the previous sub-group. The previous double-deck and stern sections were combined into the upper side and the top-side ballast tanks, directly connected to the stern ballast tanks. Thereby the amount of climbing work was reduced, it also saved the scaffolding erection, follows the safety principle of the low position of the high work, and the welding method is changed from vertical welding to flat welding, which reduces the construction difficulty of the personnel and ensures the welding quality of the weld. The 64003 ship scaffolding process was also improved. The scaffolding was changed from the original floor type to the hanging type. The bulkhead welding code plate was fixed, which shortened the frame period, greatly improved the erection efficiency, met the construction requirements of the closed seam in the cargo area and reduced shipbuilding cost. Effective measures are taken to continuously improve construction efficiency and reduce costs.


Through the unremitting efforts of all the staff of the 64003 shipbuilding team, the construction work was carried out in a detailed and orderly manner, and the two nodes of the delivery and the main hull were completed, which created favorable conditions for the subsequent construction of the berth and the launching.