Delicious Zongzi of the Dragon Boat Festival

TIME:2019-06-04 15:13AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Duanyang Festival, the Heavy Lunch Festival, the Midday Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Zhengyang Festival, etc., is a traditional Chinese festival. Here comes a new year’s dragon boat festival with the scent of the glutinous rice permeated. On the morning of June 4, the party committee and trade union of Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. distributed The Dragon Boat Festival condolences gifts to the company's current employees, some old employees and related parties. 

In the early morning of June 4th, festival gift boxes filled with the company's love and blessings were handed out to every cadre and staff of all positions.


In order to facilitate the workers to receive the Dragon Boat Festival condolences, the company's staff distributed the condolences and benefits in batches on the No. 1 office building, No. 2 office building and the ship platform. The delicate Dragon Boat Festival gift boxes, including rice dumplings, green bean cake, salted duck eggs, green balls and yoghurt, were distributed to the employees.


On each festival, our company will distribute different condolences to employees. At the same time, in order to thank all the staff for their hard work, to ensure that the employees have a good holiday, to reflect the company's human care and to stimulate the enthusiasm of the employees, the company's trade unions will hand out boxes of benefits to each employee with the company's party committee, management level’s affectionate care.

The fragrant rice dumplings show our care, and the green leaves reflect our nostalgia. the company bring warmth and care to each employee and every stern family in advance.

At the scene of the reception, representatives of various departments received the Dragon Boat Festival welfare in an orderly manner. Filled with happy smiles, the employees’ said that that although the rice dumplings were small, but they reflect deep care and they expressed the sincere that they will be rooted in the shipyard to work hard.