Green Bean Soup Refreshes Workers in the Summer

TIME:2019-06-03 15:15AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

In June, It’s already sweltering. On the way to the berth, the heat wave makes people uncomfortable. But our workers are still working hard in the plant. Our workers on site told us ‘Even though we are at high temperature, we must assure the production schedule’. In order to let the workers feel the company's cultural care and ensure the physical and mental health of employees, since June 3, the company has organized to distribute the green bean soup and heatstroke prevention medicine in seven locations including joint factory, machining workshop, building berth and 1110 workshop. Such behavior cools the workers from the blazing days.


Every afternoon, the company organized the staff to send the mung bean soup to the scene for distribution. A spoonful of cool mung bean soup and salt water are handed over to the hardworking workers.  The cool mung bean soup, the thirst-quenching salt water, and the heatstroke prevention medicines are sent to the shipbuilding staff who work under high temperature.  Sweating workers are taking a break to discuss technical problems and how to better complete the task of the day.


Cool in the hot summer days, and cares for the heart. A cool, a caring, seeing the smile on the face of the workers, faded away, everyone is energetically put into production.