Being So Young, What A Right Time to Make A Difference

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Since spring returns to the earth and everything revives and is full of vitality, Wuhu Shipyard welcomes the "New Power" of 2021. A group of 25 fresh college students from Jiangsu shipping vocational and technical college, Jiangsu Maritime Vocational and technical college, Wuhan shipbuilding vocational and technical college, etc. came to Wuhu Shipyard as scheduled. The Shipyard organized a special activity for welcoming college students in the spring of 2021. Pan Yuhong, deputy secretary of the company's Party committee, director of Administration and Personnel, and managers of relevant modules attended the meeting.


On March 25 morning, the HR module of the company's party mass integrated management center organized new hires to visit and learn the manufacturing process, explained the factory, workshop and shipbuilding process in detail, and helped them understand the Shipyard in an all-round way. Later, these new hires are led to the exhibition hall of the company's 100 year history to visit the company's 120 year development history and important milestones, and showed the company's principles, concepts and revolutionary significance in the process of growth. The management core and business focus of Centennial Wuhu Shipyard have been fully demonstrated from three aspects: strengthening military products, strengthening civilian products and making non-ship products. All new hires gave highly praise on this centennial enterprise passed down from generation to generation and resolved to continue to work hard for the Shipyard in the coming days.



Hold the baton and strive for new glory

In the afternoon, the Shipyard organized a special meeting for welcoming college students in the spring of 2021, so as to promote the students to quickly adapt to the new roles, new jobs and new environment. First, the personnel manager gave a brief introduction to the personal training and development plan, and then the representatives of the new students and previous students gave a speech. Liu Tianxiang, from Bohai shipping vocational college, said: “Wuhu shipyard is a new starting point and a new challenge for us. We will seize this opportunity to improve our professional skills and contribute our power to the Shipyard.” Zhang Xuan, from Wuhan shipbuilding vocational and technical college, also made a generous speech: “My first impression about Wuhu Shipyard is so shocked and unprecedented. I will make good use of this platform to learn modestly. And I hope to adapt to this big family soon, and make my contribution to China's shipbuilding industry." If the youth is prosperous, the country will be prosperous, and if the youth is strong, the country will be strong. The image of youth always brings people unlimited imagination and hope. Vigorous features, flexible and keen thinking and indomitable willpower bring new blood and culture to the enterprise.


Similar in age, but different in working experience as "old comrades" in Wuhu Shipyard, some seniors also sent their own blessing and advice. Chen pingkang, who is now in the civil product project office and graduated in 2019, has become the core force of the team in less than 3 years. He shared: “Practice goes deeper than theoretic knowledge. There are differences between theory and practice in the initial stage of employment. So do ask when you don't understand. Only by deepening thinking and learning in the process of asking can you grow up more quickly.” Wang Xing, who joined the Shipyard in June last year, now is a member from the party and mass management center. He said: “General manager Zhang Zhao said that he did not make excuses for failure, but only tried to make a way for success. If you want to make a difference in company, you must master excellent skills and tenacious will.” Then all students and leaders on the scene jointly made the oath of entry: Work hard to advance, be loyal to the duties and return to the company and devote ourselves to the modern shipbuilding industry. Students’ speeches are more like condensing the core values of Wuhu Shipyard, such as Unity, Fighting, Practice, Innovation, Excellency and Efficiency, and also expresses the determination of Wuhu Shipyard to fight for a bright future.


Embracing youth to achieve entrepreneurship, company’s care to help growth

Finally, Pan Yuhong, deputy secretary of the Party committee and director of Administration and Personnel of the company, delivered a speech. Pan pointed out that in the face of the complex situation, those who survive are the best, and the spring of China's shipbuilding industry is coming. First, hope every students have the will of steel to meet the challenges, the passion of first love to work, the mind of sea to exchange and study, and the calm of iceberg to fight against the difficulties; second, hope every students complete the role transformation as soon as possible, and have a preliminary plan after moving from school to enterprise. And the Shipyard will try the best to give care on work and clothing, food, housing and transportation; third, hope every students have the determination and patience to intend, to do and to accomplish things. In the future, the Shipyard will focus on promoting robots to replace manual labor. The process of exploring new fields is arduous, but the trend is bright. So let’s work together.


Wuhu Shipyard has been busy on work since 2021. The production task is tight and the ship delivery task is heavy. Especially from March to June, the Shipyard need to complete the milestone like the new repair engineering ship trial delivery, 3200 HP tug, 22000 DWT trial delivery and 49900 DWT No.1 ship delivery. The new hires will be injected like the stimulant to urge the enterprise to win the Q2 battle with more tenacious momentum and firmer determination, and present the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party with the best ship performance!