Shining Example of Wuhu Shipyard

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Example is the coordinate of life

Example is the direction of career

Example is a beacon to forge ahead

Example is an exciting horn to success

Shining Example: Chen Jiajun

Since entered Shipyard in 2001, Chen Jiajun wrote his ideal with youth, from a staff to a director constructor and now a business manager. He has been on business trips all year round. He led the team to overcome the harsh conditions such as high temperature, plateau, high cold and epidemic situation, sticking to the milestones, and took the lead in tackling 45 key technical issues, leading 1 invention patent and 9 practical patents. He interprets his responsibility with performance. He has successively won the honor of "industrial revitalization thousand talents plan", the Medal of May Day of national defense science and technology industry of Anhui Province and the Medal of May Day of Anhui Province.


Shining Example: Shi Zhengpeng

He entered Shipyard in 2018 and is now the R & D manager. He actively took the lead in the research of technology, rooted in the field to consolidate business, led the team and cooperation units to develop key technologies and core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. He completed two rounds of scheme optimization and performance prototype trial production in one and a half year cycle, and achieved all performance indicators, which was the leading level in the industry. He won the honor of Wuhu City Medal of May Day.


Adhere to people-oriented and quality first. Wuhu Shipyard adheres to accomplish the macro development of improving organizational performance on basis of enhancing personal ability, and actively sets up the training concept of cultivating and growing talents in practice. It is speeding up the pace of transformation to a "R & D + manufacturing" enterprise and leading the shipbuilding industry of province to a new height.

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