Brilliant Success Only Comes Out of Fighting Rather Than Waiting

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Brilliant Success Only Comes Out of Fighting Rather Than Waiting

---Fore Production Division Processing zone robot capacity exceeding 750m per shift

At 19:40 p.m. on May 5, with the complete of the last section welding work, the robot of Wuhu Shipyard finished welding in 780.6 meters per shift, achieving a record high. Among them, the eight axis linkage robot welded 144.98 meters, the swing arm robot welded 105.32 meters, and the group welding robot welded 530.3 meters. The performance is 207.7% higher than that in April.


Since year 2021, Wuhu Shipyard has continued the good momentum of busy production and sales, and the situation is improving. The huge task of 30 vessels delivered in the whole year makes Shipyard not stop production during the Spring Festival, and the two shifts rotate continuously. In order to further improve the production efficiency, Shipyard takes intelligent manufacturing as a breakthrough, and applies assembly lines and robots to realize 24-hour continuous operation and production, which greatly improves the production capacity.

1、 Innovation and improvement in structure

① Optimize the layout of operation area and eliminate the waste due to redundant walking

According to the process flow, material specification, equipment running track, follow the principle of close swing, direct pick-up and less carrying, rearrange the site area and solidify the material position, so as to avoid the inefficient phenomenon due to materials searching, redundant walking and so on.

② Optimize the operation parameters of the equipment to eliminate the waste due to over processing

According to different profiles / models of materials (commonly used S = 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm) and welding process strength requirements, take the lead in linkage with Technical Quality Division to optimize the original unified welding parameters to three kinds. For triangle plate and welding parts less than one meter, reduce the over machining of equipment and improve the welding speed of robot under the condition of ensuring the quality.


2、 Practice makes perfect

① Introduce the standard working hour concept to eliminate the waste due to uneven working hour:

According to the welding structure, material size and process difficulty, sort out the standard working hours of all processes and make clear the current situation of the operation. Then, according to the working hours data, calculate the maximum load ratio of multiple equipment working at the same time, so as to improve the coordination between the equipment.

② Same materials are produced intensively to eliminate waste due to equipment switching:

Zhang Shun, the main controller of automation equipment (robot), mentioned the core of the efficiency improvement: "we should let materials wait for equipment, and not let equipment wait for materials". Accomplish that the same materials be added intensively in the materials adding link, so as to realize seamless connection in the robot operation link. Make space for rolling bed timely by dividing and separation measures in the cutting link.

③ Operated in double side at the same time, greatly improve equipment operation efficiency:

The flat T-row is changed from the original "side lay one side welding" to "vertical double side welding", saving the working hours of one welding, reducing the material turning action once, eliminating the idle standby of robot and maximizing the efficiency of the equipment.


3、 Strengthen the team on management

① Make stable product consistency, reduce the waste due to grinding / repair welding

According to the size and welding angle of each material, continuously verify the welding frequency and operation method, and then standardize the operation method of adding material and operation platform by applying the standard operation dimension

② Improve the cultivation of multi-skilled workers and reduce the waste due to insufficient skills

Carry out skill training for adjacent stations, so that one post can be skilled by three workers. Flexible response to material and process bottlenecks during production by playing an organizational role.


In the past three years, Shipyard has implemented the action plan for intelligent transformation of ship assembly construction of the Ministry of industry and information technology. With the goal of improving the efficiency, quality and profit of ship assembly construction, the General Manager has led the establishment of an intelligent manufacturing promotion working group, so as to fully revitalize the advantageous resources of robot manufacturing and flexible manufacturing software resources in the region. Shipyard takes the lead in solving the problem of discrete manufacturing in the industry. Now it has realized the assembly line operation of parts processing and manufacturing. With the same output, the number of personnel is reduced by 70%, and the overall production efficiency is increased by 35%.

In the process of robot development and promotion, through repeated practice and innovation, Shipyard has cultivated a team of craftsmen who are good at learning and hard work; In the the labor competition of Fighting Q2, they embrace the competition and rush to the fore, solve the buffer and standard cycle of the first production to the greatest extent, and lay a solid foundation for conquering the block painting.

The process from traditional production to lean production is the transformation from single manufacturing enterprise to R & D + manufacturing enterprise. There is no brilliant success created by waiting, but by fighting. Wuhu Shipyard will continue to increase the innovation and development of intelligent manufacturing, highlight the strong manufacturing heritage of Wuhu Shipyard in the past 100 years with its fruitful achievements, and express the highest sincerity of dedicating to the centenary of the founding of the Party with its first-class ship performance.

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