Carry Forward the Cause Pioneered by Predecessors and Forge Ahead into the Future

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Wuhu shipyard’s Appointment meeting of main leaders

(WUHU. May 28)

On the afternoon of May 28, the appointment meeting of Wuhu Shipyard's main leaders was held in the conference center of Shipyard. More than 100 participants attended the meeting, including Zhou Biren, General Manager of the group, Zhang Dongya, director of Human Resources, Zhang Zhao, Secretary of the Shipyard's Party committee, top management leaders, Division managers, Senior Engineers and leaders of the labor service company. Pan Yuhong, deputy secretary of the Shipyard's Party committee, presided over the meeting.

Zhu Yuan, representative of the Human Resources Headquarters of the group, Pan Yuhong, deputy secretary of the Shipyard’s Party committee, announced the appointment decision of the chairman and executive deputy General Manager of the Shipyard. Zhang Zhao assumed the office of the chairman and General Manager, and Miao Ke assumed the office of the executive deputy General Manager.


Miao Ke, the new executive deputy General Manager, made a speech to thank the trust of the group and the Party committee of the Shipyard. Since appointed as the executor of the production and operation of Centennial Wuhu Shipyard, he determined to adhere to the enterprise spirit of "Unity, Utmost, Practice, Creativity, Excellence and Efficiency", and quickly integrate into and carry forward Centennial military industry culture on the basis of the preceding outstanding achievements. He shall be strict with himself, unite cadres and employees, continue to promote reform and innovation, further enhance the Shipyard's core competitiveness, and make great efforts to achieve the Shipyard's goals in the new stage and succeed in carrying out an assignment.


Zhang Zhao, the new chairman of the board, delivered a speech. He expressed thanks for the support and trust of shareholders, directors and group leaders and felt so honored to bear such great responsibility. Since 2015, the board of directors with Chairman Zhou Biren as the core has led the company to achieve leapfrog development. Production and operation continued to improve, from loss to continuous profit, from order shortage to meet the continuous production for three years. Enterprise development achieved successful transformation, from single manufacturing to R & D manufacturing, from bulk carriers to high-end tankers. By which, Wuhu Shipyard coruscates new vitality. Zhang Zhao said that as chairman of the board of directors, he felt great responsibility. He would lead all employees of the Shipyard to work hard. He also stated that he would focus on development strategy and corporate governance in accordance with the requirements of shareholders and the board of directors. And he would do as follows:

First, be diligent and conscientious. He shall always put enterprise development in the first place, and speed up the Shipyard transformation to R & D + manufacturing;

Second, be united and sincere. He shall do a good job in team building, give full play to collective wisdom, and take unified actions to build a team with high professional quality and capable of fighting hard battles;

Third, be honest and public-spirited. In line with the action concept of being responsible for oneself, employees and enterprises, the Shipyard should cultivate a team that stresses politics, understands business and has a good work style.

At the same time, Zhang Zhao put forward the work requirements for the new deputy General Manager, Miao Ke, hoping that he could quickly integrate into the Shipyard, speed up the implementation of modern shipbuilding modes such as intelligent manufacturing, lean manufacturing and industrial Internet, and speed up the improvement of production management, talent team, system specification and cost control, so as to build the Shipyard into a modern ship factory with characteristics, brand and military civilian integration.


Zhang Dongya, director of the Human Resources department of the group, explained the cadre appointment. Based on the strategy and business development of Wuhu Shipyard, according to the requirements of young, knowledgeable and diversified cadres, the group considers the management team of Wuhu Shipyard comprehensively to supplement and strengthen the team strength. She hopes that under the leadership of the new chairman of the board of directors, the cadres and employees will unite sincerely and support each other, so as to achieve the unity among employees, and comprehensively implement and realize the annual business objectives around the 14th five year plan.


Finally, Zhou Biren, General Manager of the group, delivered an important speech. Zhou first pointed out that Zhang Zhao was full of passion, strong ambition and strong desire to make Wuhu Shipyard bigger and stronger. The group believes that Zhang Zhao is the best candidate for the post of chairman and General Manager. Zhou fully affirmed the achievements made in Wuhu Shipyard in the past five years. At present, Wuhu Shipyard is in a critical period of development. He put forward requirements for the new leadership and employees with Chairman Zhang Zhao as the core:

First, stress politics, seek development and open up a new situation. Resolutely implement Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, focusing on the key issues and major contradictions in China's development. Second, strengthen the construction of the leading group and cadre team. There should be more communication among the members of the leading group. All employees should have a strong sense of ownership. Everything should start from the interests of the Shipyard, and all work should be subject to the overall situation and the overall interests of the Shipyard. Third, continuously improve the efficiency and benefit of the enterprise, continuously solve the "Three Difficulties", further reduce inventory, control costs, and improve the efficiency of capital, assets and personnel. Strengthen the management of schedule, quality and cost, shorten the shipbuilding cycle, improve the utilization rate of slipway core resources, and ensure the delivery on schedule. Fourth, strengthen the construction of brand and corporate culture, shape common values, realize the unity of idea, thought and action, and build a cadre team that "wants to do, can do, and can do successfully". Finally, Zhou said that the group has high expectations for the new leadership team, and hopes that with Chairman Zhang Zhao as the core, the team can think it as one, do it as one, and develop Wuhu Shipyard into a modern shipbuilding enterprise with high reputation and brand in the world.

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