Joint Learning to Promote Development, Join Hands to Create a New Chapter

TIME:2021-06-03 18:28AUTHOR:Wuhu Shipyard VIEWS:0

In order to further implement the general requirements of "learning Party history, understanding Party thoughts, doing practical things and opening up new situations" presented by the CPC Central Committee for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, the fifth Party branch of Jiangsu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and the first Party branch of Wuhu Shipyard launched a theme day of joint learning and co construction on the morning of May 28. More than 20 members of the Party committee and director Zhou Baiqing, Branch Secretary Zhang Yongfei and Deputy Secretary Zhang Xinhang of Jiangsu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. attended the Shipyard. More than 40 members of the Party committee and Chairman Zhang Zhao, deputy secretary Pan Yuhong and Labor Union Chairman Wu Xiuhua participated in the exchange.


Du Chengchang, deputy General Manager of the Shipyard, led the delegation to visit the Shipyard History Museum, slipway, outfitting wharf and 1110 workshop, to jointly trace the great footprints of Chairman Mao's inspection of Wuhu Shipyard. Also introduced that in recent years, the Shipyard has taken intelligent manufacturing as the carrier to promote technological innovation and product transformation. Through the growth process of the Shipyard's transformation from single manufacturing to R & D + manufacturing in recent years, they discussed the Shipyard's specific measures to grasp the "14th five year" strategic plan and present the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Party.


"Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China..."

With the exciting melody, all Party members sing the Red Song, recall the centennial history and mission of the Communist Party, and stimulate the fighting spirit of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Pan Yuhong, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Shipyard, presided over the exchange meeting. First of all, he welcomed Jiangsu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and introduced the progress of the Shipyard's party construction. Pan pointed out that the business of the first Party Branch of Wuhu Shipyard and the fifth Party Branch of Jiangsu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. are almost the same, and both sides have sufficient exchange topics and learning space, hoping to further explore the road of joint learning and co construction between the two sides by taking this as a breakthrough point.


Zhang Zhao, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the Shipyard, introduced the Red gene of Wuhu Shipyard from the development process and recent operation. Zhang Zhao pointed out that Wuhu Shipyard strives to build a brand-oriented, characteristic and military civilian integrated modern ship enterprise around the development style of military and civilian. Last year, the Shipyard introduced four automatic manufacturing lines, which accelerated the transformation and development of the company with the concept of intelligent manufacturing and lean manufacturing. He stressed that in the follow-up development, first we shall adhere to the Party spirit. Party spirit is the spiritual support and ideological guidance to carry forward the spirit of innovation and overcome all difficulties. To learn the history of the party in an all-round way is to further consolidate the party spirit. Second, we should keep the “red blood guts” combatant spirit. There are numerous difficulties in the development of the party, but it has won a great victory by relying on the “red blood guts” of tenacious struggle and fear of sacrifice. The whole employees of the Shipyard will continue to be "red blood guts", and make contributions based on their posts.


Zhou Baiqing, member of the Party committee and director of Jiangsu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the joint meeting. Zhou pointed out that Wuhu Shipyard has a 121 year development history, which is rare among the national manufacturing enterprises. He deeply admired the pattern of shipbuilding for our country and the ingenuity and quality. Under the leadership of Zhang, the Shipyard deeply studied the manufacturing system and manufacturing capacity, especially 37 "domestic first", which fully demonstrated the technology and quality of shipbuilding. This year is the first year of the 14th five year plan. He hoped that both sides can plan new possibilities, have more exchanges, empower each other and build a better new situation.


Subsequently, Chen Xiangfang, Party member of the civil product project office of the Production & Operation Department, shared business situation. He introduced the overall technology and production status of 6600DWT duplex stainless steel chemical tanker, and the investment and advantages in talents, technology and production around core and key technologies, and shared the pioneer responsibilities of Party members in the project.


Finally, Wu Xiuhua, chairman of the labor union and Secretary of the first Party Branch of the Shipyard, and Zhang Yongfei, Secretary of the Fifth Party Branch of Jiangsu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. signed the Joint Learning and Joint Construction Agreement. The two sides will give full play to their respective advantages, realize mutual integration and mutual progress, and jointly promote the high-quality development of China's shipbuilding industry.


In recent years, Wuhu Shipyard has carried out Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with China's characteristics in the face of adversity and firmly implemented the strategy of "domestic circulation as the main body" and "domestic and international double cycle development strategy". Grasp the direction and open up a new situation. With green development, independent research and development, lean manufacturing as the starting point, drive the Shipyard's strategic transformation. At present, hand-held orders have met 36 months of continuous production, marketing markets are all over the world. It is reported that Wuhu Shipyard will set up a Research Institute of marine engineering and high-tech ship equipment this year, so as to realize the development of the Shipyard into a R & D and manufacturing enterprise in an all-round way. Present the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.